King of Prussia Mastermind

We aspire to become the Amazon of Cloud Based Solutions and the Google of Data.

We love working with Faith based communities, Mentors, and Professionals by understanding goals, capturing audience needs/wants, developing strategies that make sense from management to service/contractor layers and closing gaps. 

Think of us as your professional Lyft that takes you from your current position to the desired point of destination utilizing Cloud technology and LEAN Methodology. 

Our vision is to be the leading global LEAN Start up incubator for young disadvantaged entrepreneurs. Helping the next generation of entrepreneurs establish business ethics, responsibility, accountability, and seamless business practice. 

We see i Know Development Solutions LLC as a leader in Cloud Architect Consulting and integrations as well as the LEAN go to guy for the faith based communities. 

Wilbert Bean III

I am the Founder and Cloud Architect at I Know Development Solutions. Think about Amazon when it comes to ease in the customer experience through stellar process and Google when it comes to connections to information as well as useful Market Research Data. 

iKDS is like the Lyft ride that takes you from your current position to the desired destination. I serve the faith based organizations, communities, as well as professionals who aim to implement lean processes, business model canvases, SaaS Solutions, or making a way for the next generation of young entrepreneurs. 

I am effective at what I do because of 7+ years’ experience in IT, Software, and Cloud Infrastructure. I Aspire to become a LEAN Six Sigma Master Black Belt so that I can bring the best and most elite skills to the forefront of any problems my clients might have. 

My vision is to help usher in a Freedom Nation of entrepreneurs where the Faith based communities are the center piece of belief and to create the first Faith Based Cryptocurrency.